Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello 2011! Welcome to my blog

Well hello there visitors. Welcome to my blog, A Love for Movies.

It's pretty obvious with the title of my blog that this will be about my journey to a world of cinema. Being a cineaste like I am, in this blog, I will share to you my passion and enthusiasm, my sentiments and (frustrations even) when it comes to films and all or some about my favorite movies and some of the movies I caught a glimpse on, movies I enjoy, I watch just out of boredom, or simply to pass away the time to share with a friend.

You can also free to comment and share your own opinions, thoughts (even violent reactions—I hope there will be none) dear readers, as this blog is catered and made for all film fans and movie lovers across the universe.

As 2011, is here now and on its full swing, I decided to start it with a bang and doing something different by coming up with a blog of my own preference, something to call my own, an extension of my artistic inclinations and sometimes of my mood swing tendencies, heheh. That’s why this blog was created, to keep in touch with the changing times of technology (I’m quite behind, actually, since blogging has already begun way, way before and I’ve known some friends of mine who created their own blogs, just for the heck of it!

And since I can’t think of anything close to my likes and interests like watching movies, hence, this blog was conceived and now you’re reading on your PC monitors. And since this is my first post so far, allow me to make this sound more like a welcome message than an actual post of the topics regarding this blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you my own first ever blog personal blog, A Love for Movies. Enjoy your stay everyone.


  1. Hope you have an amazing day! :) Shauna from

  2. Hi Shauna! Thanks for dropping by! All the best!